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Are you bilingual?

Yes, I am bilingual. I can perform ceremonies in French, English or both!


Are the weddings you do legal?

Yes, I have a clergy license issued by the province of Ontario. 

Do you have to be a non believer?

I marry many couples who have different religions and do not want to involve that difference on their special day.

Do you issue marriage licenses?

No, marriage licenses are issued by the municipality you live in. See FAQ section for links.

Do you do same sex weddings?

Yes, I perform any wedding legally permitted in Ontario.

Do you allow prayers at your weddings?

I perform non-denominational wedding ceremonies. If you choose to have prayers, they can be prior to or after my part is done.

Do you include "obey" in your ceremonies or "who gives this woman away"?

No to both, marriage is an equal partnership between two people. I could ask who presents this woman instead if that is what you want.

Do you ever ask whether anyone object to this marriage?

No, not ever. You have the license, I will do the wedding. I will not ever sit in judgment or ask questions that have nothing to do with whatever is happening.


Do you require lessons or a premarital course?

No, only a marriage license is required.

How long is the average ceremony?

Approximately 20 minutes, depending on the vows chosen and other factors.

We live in Thunderbay, do we have to purchase the license where we are getting married?

No, your license can be picked up anywhere in Ontario and is valid anywhere in Ontario for three months after purchase.

Do we have to live in Ontario in order to get married by you?

No, but you have to be eligible to purchase a license in Ontario. 

Do we need to have witnesses present?

Yes, two witnesses are required and need to be present for the ceremony.

Do you have sample ceremonies available?

Yes! I have many samples available or customize it to your liking. Please see my Samples page above for a few examples.

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